Safety Rules

The Orting Marathon Association is a member of the USA Track and Field Association, and, as such, is required through its membership insurance to exclude entrants with bicycles, skateboards, roller skates or blades, and animals (other than dogs on leash). iPods may be used, but are not encouraged by USATF or the Orting Marathon Association. For safety reasons, if a course official asks you to remove your listening device, please do so. Entrants choosing to violate these safety conditions pose a danger to all participants. Persons found in violation of these safety rules will be disqualified and removed from the course.




Medical Assistance


Medical support is provided by our Official Medical Coverage Sponsor or the City of Orting Medical team, or volunteer medically trained staff. If medical assistance is required on the race course, contact one of the radio operators, who will be able to summon emergency assistance or van transportation if required. If you drop out, please notify an aid station attendant, radio operator or anyone inside the information booth at the Starting line so the information can be relayed to the event support staff.



As with most sports, running a marathon or half marathon involves a number of inherent risks, including but not limited to tripping and falling, contact with other participants or spectators, the effects of weather, traffic, and road conditions. Because the marathon, half marathon, 5K Run and Kid Color Run courses are run on roads, streets, and trails, there are posts and possible potholes at these intersections. Additionally, there will be other foot and bicycle traffic on the course. All participants need to be prepared to avoid obstacles and traffic. In submitting your entry, you are acknowledging your awareness and assumption of all risks associated with your participation. You are certifying that you are medically and physically fit to compete in this event safely.


Race Security

The Orting Marathon Association has always worked closely with the Orting Police Department and the City of Orting and Special Events committee to ensure the safety of our runners and spectators.
The following measures have and will continue to be taken :
Police and medic units stationed at start and finish line, as well as along the race course

  • No spectators allowed in the immediate finish line area
  • Runners are not permitted to linger or wait for another runner in the finish line area
  • Designated area for spectators to view the finish line from outside the fenced corral
  • No spectators allowed on heavily used roadways.
  • Only runners, Race Officials and medical personnel will be allowed within the start and finish corrals
  • Additional police security at start/finish and post-race recovery area
  • Additional patrolling on the race course
  • We request that runners and spectators remain alert and report abandoned bags or backpacks to race officials
  • Participants, spectators and volunteers subject to random and/or mandatory bag checks during race day
  • Items left at the start/finish line will be discarded
  • Strongly encouraging that spectators not bring backpacks

The Oring Marathon Association is urging citizens (both runners and spectators) to watch for suspicious behavior, including unattended packages, backpacks, etc and report such activity to Race Officials.

Race Time Limit

This event allows for a seven-hour Marathon Walk finish and a six-hour Marathon Run finish. There will be limited on-course aid stations, Course Marshals and police support after the course closes. Participants may continue along the course after the official completion of the event, obeying all standard traffic and trail rules. Finish Line staff and essential services will remain until every athlete has completed the event. This allows for a 24 min/mile pace for walkers and an 16 min/mile pace for runners.